Saint Mary’s University i.t.a. Program

Helping children read!

Dr. Jane Anderson, Saint Mary’s University i.t.a. Program Director

Dr. Anderson’s five decades of work in education has included teaching in K-12 regular and special education classrooms, clinical diagnosis and research in reading disabilities and dyslexia, and preparing future teachers at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Her lifelong interest in prevention and remediation of reading failure in young children has been extended to preparation of students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds for success in college. Since 1988, Dr. Anderson has secured yearly grant funding from the Initial Teaching Alphabet of New York for provision of an after-school literacy clinic for struggling readers from the Winona area.


“I’ve been doing research and providing remediation services to children and adults with reading disability/dyslexia using i.t.a. since 1986. It is, without doubt, the most effective intervention for struggling readers that I’ve used in my 40 plus years as an educator.”

Phone: (507) 457-1962

Carol Brewton, Saint Mary’s University i.t.a. Literacy Clinic Director

Carol Brewton is an experienced physical education teacher, school counselor, and K-12 Reading Teacher. Her role as director of the i.t.a. Literacy Clinic involves training and supervising undergraduate education majors who provide one-to-one i.t.a. intervention for K-12 students with reading disabilities/dyslexia. Carol’s enthusiasm and skill in assessment and program planning benefits not only the children who attend the after-school i.t.a. Literacy Clinic but also their tutors, future elementary teachers who will be working with struggling readers in their classrooms in just a few years.


“My introduction to i.t.a. was thru my daughter who was in the i.t.a. program. I truly believe that because of that my daughter is a registered nurse today. She went from a frustrated child to a child who is on the dean’s list.”

Phone: (507) 457-1962